We start to deliver the below services within 2 weeks, offering immediate value to your business.

Reporting Dashboard

A well designed dashboard can deliver an easy to understand barometer of business performance and where key stakeholders should channel their attention.

We will work with to understand your current management or board report pack and pull it up a level to offer a synopsis of business activities, where possible pulling live data feeds to give you an always on management tool.

Innovation and IP creation process

“Automation of knowledge work is expected to have one of the very highest economic impacts of all disruptive technologies”

 Does this statement excite or scare you?  What is your approach to developing valuable IP that can automate tasks within your office, business or industry?  We will help you onto the first step by defining a process to engage your immediate team to put this on to their agenda and to track their progress.

Galvanize your team

Engage your team by allowing them to direct the ambition of the business.  You need to constantly re-define the goals of the business, the more your team play a part in defining your goals the more engaged they will be with achieving them.  We will manage sessions that leave you with a shared understanding of where you want to go, why and how you are going to get there to refer to in any team updates.

Increase your sales conversion ratio, productise your service offering

How easy it it for someone to buy something from you?  Often service businesses have focused on their competitive advantage to such a point it is hard to buy their services.  We will work with you to produce at least one packaged offer that makes it easier for new clients to start buying form you.

Voice assistants and Chatbots

If you are an ambitious businesses who has identified a need for specific expertise to harness a rapidly changing technical stack we have an expert team with a solid record of advising on and shipping AI/NLP/ML based digital products with a specific focus on crafting conversations that lead to a transaction.

We have practical experience in developing and communicating why and how these technologies should be used and also set the vision for teams to follow, long after our departure.

You have much to gain from embracing new, disruptive, technologies.  We work quickly to prove where opportunities lie for you and then execute fast, (proof: concept to pilot in 70 days, Marriott Hotels), these services are principally delivered through Say It Now.