Management Masterclass 1 - The Pace of change - session notes

On 16th June we held our first in a series of management masterclass talks, sharing our experience and consolidating our most recent thinking.  We hope you found the event valuable, however if you were unable to attend, please see all slides, video and audio content below.

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Understanding and improving your valuation multiple

Sadly there is no linear relationship between more work and increased value.  Often the most value is created when you stop, look up and look around, assessing how the world is changing, questioning your previous decisions and improving your course, strategy and structure.  The goal posts are constantly moving and a fluid approach to strategy is the way to score more goals.

The lowest common denominator to describe the purpose of work is “to increase shareholder value”.  It is hard to argue that everyone within every business should not be playing some part in delivering that statement, when they cease to do so, they stop playing their part in the value creating machine, become redundant and unemployed.

But how can you set up your machine to create more value, faster?

You first need to understand your starting point.

A very useful structure to understand your valuation prospects was published by Harvard Business Review in collaboration with Deloitte (read it here).  They examined 40 years of financial data for the S&P 500 companies to see how valuation trends have evolved along with business models and emerging technologies. 

By understanding how these classes of business activity apply to you, you can make more informed decisions regarding the strategies you pursue and the structure of your business to increase the rate at which your business creates shareholder value. 

There are four business models:

1.    Asset Builders: These companies build, develop, and lease physical assets to make, market, distribute, and sell physical things. Examples include Ford, Wal-Mart, and FedEx.

2.    Service Providers: These companies hire employees who provide services to customers or produce billable hours for which they charge. Examples include United Healthcare, Accenture, and JP Morgan.

3.    Technology Creators: These companies develop and sell intellectual property such as software, analytics, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Examples include Microsoft, Oracle, and Xero.

4.    Network Orchestrators. These companies create a network of peers in which the participants interact and share in the value creation. They may sell products or services, build relationships, share advice, give reviews, collaborate, co-create and more. Examples include eBay, Red Hat, and Visa, Uber, Tripadvisor, and Alibaba.

Depending on the mix of these models you employ in your business you can start to see how that effects the valuation of your business and how by adopting new practices you can change your valuation.

Companies that take a positive approach to co-creation and collaboration seem to drive higher valuations.  How can you be more mindful of the type of business you are growing and how to accelerate the speed at which your value increases?

There is a lot more we could go into here to build out how to build out a product strategy to help cross the “digital divide”, please get in touch if this if of interest, we’ll focus on people for now.

To tap into your own bedrock of value you can start today, in your current office with your current team.

Are you making the most of their potential to add significant value to the business?  Every member of staff should be creating shareholder value every minute, if you are able to help them articulate what shareholder value looks like they become more engaged in the process.

Over the next few posts we will share some of our thinking of how to bring clarity into the workplace, to engage and align your teams with what you are trying to achieve.

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Masterclass event series

Thinking differently
For leaders who embrace change

4 events designed to bring like-minded people together to educate, inspire, inform and surprise.

Best practice in leadership style and understanding will always be evolving.  Today employees want more ownership rather than to follow instruction; customers want to participate in the marketing and development process; and leaders are finding that open and agile organisations are better able to manoeuvre more effectively than organisations where all insight and direction comes from the top.

Champers Advisory and Pentire Partners have teamed up to deliver a series of masterclass talks to share our working knowledge of management techniques designed to help you stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.  We aim to deliver engaging insights that can be immediately actionable.

Each event will close out with an opportunity to network with your peers and continue the discussion over drinks and canapes on the balcony, overlooking the BBC.

16th June - Masterclass 1 – The pace of change

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller   

The world has never changed faster and that means you have to reassess where you deliver value to the world more often than ever before.  How can you refresh your image, build innovation into the fabric of your culture, re-engage with your clients and turn your employees into evangelists?  We’ll share some useful advice for keeping up and tracking your progress. TICKETS HERE

14th July Masterclass 2 – Engaged workforce

How to get your team ‘on the bus’.  Shared passion and aligned company and personal goals are the secrets to an engaged workforce.  How can you be sure your teams understand the bigger picture and share your passion?  We will share actionable tools and frameworks you can implement immediately. TICKETS HERE

15th September - Masterclass 3 – The story of your business

Since the dawn of time storytelling has been how knowledge has been shared.  How are stories told today and what role do they play in your business?  Effective storytelling is not only a useful marketing tool it can be the secret superglue that binds your team together lifting performance and passion.  We will share our stories of building and using the story of your business. TICKETS HERE

10th November - Masterclass 4 – Holding it all together

In the final edition in this series we tie together and share a series of frameworks you can immediately apply to manage, monitor and improve your teams performance across the board.  The old adage “to measure is to improve” holds far more weight when you shine a spotlight on accountability, well share you our best practice. TICKETS HERE

Driving success through engagement

Today’s workforce wants more than just to climb the corporate ladder. Professionals at all levels are increasingly searching for meaning and purpose, placing a greater importance on achieving fulfilment both at home and at work. While we no longer expect to find a job for life, neither are we willing to put up with drudgery and repetition of work that does not engage and stimulate us.

Genuine leaders are able to harness this opportunity to cultivate a culture with not only a clear purpose and vision that the entire company can ‘buy into’ but care and attention for the individuals that will each play a part in the success of that business.  We all have many and varied ideas of ‘fulfilment’ and by taking the time to understand and align an individual’s life ambition to that of the company you breed a performance culture. 

Egon Zhender are the McKinsey of the talent world, they do a lot of research into maximising the performance and success of executives.  They have recently surveyed 1,275 senior executives to better understand the relationship between the alignment of personal goals and professional objectives, read it here, it inspired this post. A lot of the findings resonate with way we operate at Champers Advisory and it’s great to see empirical evidence supporting the way we deliver the work and the outcomes we achieve.

The old mechanics of ‘carrot and stick’ motivation does not deliver results.  There is no linear relationship between increased financial rewards and output in the knowledge economy.  We often cite this excellent video from RSA animate adapts Dan Pink’s talk on what drives us and how to create an engaged workforce. 

These concepts of employee engagement beyond the paycheck are not new, they are just not universally understood and adopted.  All too often the workplace is seen as a completely separate operating environment than the rest of it’s inhabitants life.  We are operating an increasingly distributed workforce, embracing autonomy in working practice but are we engaging the workforce to align their goals to that of the enterprise?  If not you’re sitting on a huge opportunity.

Champers Advisory exists to bring more enjoyment and success to the workplace.  We work with companies to help them and their employees express and communicate clarity of purpose, driving results and enjoying success.  Please contact us to arrange our first meeting together, we guarantee it will be a positive experience.

Work, Enjoy, Succeed, Celebrate

There is a new way to work.  There is no more job for life and your service business needs to innovate faster than ever before.  Your people hold your value.  We are on the planet for a short time.

To take advantage of the new working culture you need to have a deep understanding of what drives you and the people who work with you.  You need to have absolute clarity of your purpose to ensure you get up in the morning truly motivated and that your team are driven to the same ends.

A knowledge of how to work through our "work, enjoy, succeed celebrate" virtuous circle will allow you to drive a motivated culture of performance through your business.  We'd love to share our knowledge with you.