State of the Nation with Voice in Travel

State of the Nation with Voice in Travel

In a recent Podcast Charlie Cadbury was asked “What is the State of the Nation in Voice for Travel Brands?” the commentary was discussed in the context of a number of research pieces recently been undertaken to understand what brands like Kayak and Skyscanner had learned from their early tests into the interface.  Voice was discussed in a wider context stressing the importance of other channels in conjunction with voice and why KITT from Knight Rider is playing an important part in rapid consumer uptake.

Emerging Commerce

The way humans transact has always and will always continue to change.  From the shekel to coins, store cards, credit cards, e-commerce & mobile commerce the way you have bought goods and services has changed throughout your life and will continue to do so.

At Champers Advisory we understand this fact and have grown a specialism we term 'Emerging Commerce'.  Emerging Commerce is our understanding that today's knowledge of payment will constantly evolve and present shifting opportunities.  

We need to ensure that we understand what the future of the transaction looks like, which companies and technologies are disrupting the status quo or creating bold new ways to enjoy our time on earth.

Emerging Commerce is not a competency it's a changing understanding of the how to make the transaction valuable to all who use it.

We are technology agnostic and partner with innovative and disruptive technologies to deliver you digital products that drive revenue, offering the best fit for your needs rather than selling you a one size fits all technology.

For an overarching view of our thinking read Charlie's '7 questions to ask before you embark on building a digital product'.

5 tips for using change to your advantage

Charlie was recently invited to The Tin to talk to directly to the team in their London office and via live video link to their Newcastle office.  The brief was to offer a different perspective on how we all might think about the challenges faced by a world changing faster than we have ever seen before.  Charlie feels passionately that there are a load of positive attributes to the human condition that often go un-noticed.

We’re living in a hugely exciting time and we’re the best creatures on the planet to make the most of it all.

See the video and slideshare below:

The Story of your business, notes on Masterclass 3

Last week we held the 3rd of our masterclass series at Henry Wood House, sharing our expertise on business growth.  We invited Touchpaper to support us on the evening who shared their  experience of storytelling and how to make the most of it in a marketing capacity.

If you want to come to the last in the series "Holding it all together" where we share practical advice on how to measure and improve business performance please book your tickets here, we expect it to be a sellout.

Please see a roundup of all the slides and audio below:

Today's top thinking on Brexit

We attended an excellent breakfast panel debate today, hosted by Like Minds, that brought together some of London’s most connected individuals to debate the impact Brexit was having and would continue to have on our businesses and our economy as a whole.

The panel consisted of:


Russ Shaw, Founder, Tech London Advocates

Janet Coyle, Principal Adviser, London & Partners

Bindi Karia, Ex Silicon Valley Bank, Entrepreneur

Moderated by Minter Dial, European Entrepreneur


Here were our top 6 takeouts from the session:

Brexit leaves a huge funding gap for infrastructure and innovation projects

The EU grants will soon dry up completely, however, the consensus was very much that this void would be filled elsewhere.  There is a huge amount of infrastructure and human expertise set up to deliver in the UK and these projects will have to look to other commercial organisations to be funded.  India, China and USA were cited as immediate places to seek remedy for this issue.  #londonisopen and looking for support already.

SEIS and EIS scheme amplification

SEIS and EIS schemes have been a huge success in stimulating investment and economic growth.  These schemes are not available in many other countries in Europe and are seen as an immediately implementable solution to stimulate innovation.  Much can be done to amplify these schemes, especially if interest rates are going to remain low.

Freedom of movement is a concern

Russ Shaw is advising his network not to build freedom of movement into long term business plans, however, there are already specialist visas being discussed which would ease this issue.  Some believed this will be a mute point.  However, with 1 in 5 tech jobs being filled by someone from the EU and 1 in 3 from a non-UK national movement of skilled people is key to keeping the skilled workforce advantage the UK has built.

Will Brexit happen at all?

This question is still up for debate.  What is agreed is that uncertainty is unhelpful and this refforendum has caused a seismic change in the status quo.  Whether Brexit happens or not, we the UK will be more nimble in dictating the way it conducts business with the world and that can only leave us in a better place in the long term.

How has the referendum affected trading?

The immediate reassuring statistic was that FTSE 100 value was back up to the levels before Brexit, however, the rebuttal was that those companies are made up of many multinationals who can give a false picture, you need to extend your view to FTSE 250 to get a real view, that index is also back up to pre-brexit levels.  The takeout here is to carry on and not believe the binary good/bad hype in the press.

Once we leave the EU we will have access to much more opportunity

The UK has always been an entrepreneurial nation looking for opportunities to trade with the world.  By leaving, we allow ourselves to be agile in our approach to engage.  One specific example is the ability to offer export tax credits to stimulate UK exports (these would function in much the same was as R&D tax credits) membership to the EU currently restricts the UK’s ability to do this.

The UK is second only to the US to start and rapidly grown a technology based business and that should stand to us.


The last question / statement of the day really resonated.  It went along the lines of “Why are we even talking of the UK not leaving the EU, why are we looking at, or even discussing, the issues this throws up.  We have made this decision and now need to focus on the mind-bending number of opportunities this change offers each and every one of us.  Lets get to it.”

Management Masterclass 2 - Engaged Workforce - session content

On a beautifully sunny 14th July we held our second in a series of management masterclasses looking at what an "engaged workforce" means.  We invited Anna Rasmussen of Open Blend Method to give some insight from her perspective.  We hope you enjoyed the event and if you were unable to attend, please see a roundup of the presentations, video and audio below.

Download the Open Blend Method worksheet here

See details of upcoming events here

5 things that are certain following Brexit

Uncertainty breeds fear, change brings opportunity, there is a lot to consider in the Brexit fallout but one thing’s certain, no-one is going to vanish.

Most people went into work as usual on Friday 24th June following the Brexit result.  No-one knows exactly what the coming weeks, months or years will look like and what the implications are.  Where can we find some certainty?

There are 5 things that are certain following the Brexit announcement:

  1. The fallout will take years to unfold
  2. You will still have to achieve something with your life
  3. Work still has to be delivered
  4. Indecision or inaction will put you at a disadvantage
  5. Your core values remain unchanged

The fallout will take years to unfold

Over the next few weeks, months and years a huge number of options will be presented, decisions will be made and a future for the administration of the country will slowly reveal itself.  This is a negotiation at great scale, all at the table have an agenda and the differing balances of leverage and gamesmanship will determine the outcome.  Stay up speed with these developments but If you have no direct control over them observe well and act on your growing understanding.  This is a marathon not a sprint; knee jerk actions are not advised.

You will still have to achieve something with your life

This is a great time to revisit your business mission statement or personal purpose.  What do you want to achieve?  There should be enormous comfort in the universal, unwavering nature of your core drivers.  They set a desire, your hopes and dreams.  The strategy to achieve them may have to change due to external factors but the vision must remain strong.  This is a great time to remind yourself and your teams of their core purpose.

Work still has to be delivered

The cadence of a business is harder to build than to lose.  There will be some of your competitors whose leadership will visibly pull back in the wake of the news of Brexit.  This is the time to lean in, whatever your industry there will be need for your product or services.  Take charge, redouble your efforts and gain market share.  This will only give you more options.

Indecision will put you at a disadvantage

“More is lost in indecision than the wrong decision”.  In the face of current uncertainty, you may find it harder to see the “right” path forward.  Progress comes from making more correct than incorrect decisions.  Use any and all of the tools and advice available to give you the perspective and confidence to take action.  Do not stand still.

Your core values remain unchanged

The values by which you govern your business or run your life are hard coded.  If there are some complex decisions to be made use these as your guides.  Ensure you are clear about them and if your management team needs to revisit them, do so.  They should be a source of guidance, reference and ballast to level any rough waters ahead.

There is a lot of unknown to come, but you are here now, you are not going to vanish.  The dust will settle, walk on.

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