Moment pebble

Champers Advisory has played a key role in shaping the proposition and go to market strategy for Moment Pebble, a mindfulness product, to date this has included taking it through prototype, securing seed funding and entry to an accelerator.  The purpose for Moment Pebble is to "Increase the cognitive capacity of the human race".  Find out more at

SAY it now

Champers Advisory created Say It Now to cater for the increasing demand from brands to take advantage of their customers demand for immediate communication.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Samsung among others have conversational assistants at the core of their strategy and customers already expect to communicate in real time. Say It Now helps brands leverage advances in Natural Language Processing by first articulating the opportunity and then immediately delivering quick improvements and a road-map for continual improvements.

Our mission is to set and deliver a path for brands to craft conversations that lead to transactions.

Say It Now offers a free conversational Health Check for your business, enter your URL directly into the site receive yours.


Champers Advisory created the concept for Dazzle, a multi-channel, AI/NLP powered conversational platform for Enterprise Travel companies.  We then took it to a pilot with Marriott Hotels within 70 days of conception, won several industry awards in UK/US, achieved recognition from major industry press (Mashable/Huffington Post) helped prepare for a (successful) £multi-million government finance deal and embedded Dazzle as a core product at the heart of the Lola Tech go-to-market strategy.


Lola TEch

When we were contracted in 2015 there was a fantastically successful, tech lead business employing 80 staff across 3 continents.  However, there was no website, sales or marketing function, cohesive vision but a strong desire to become a product lead business.  There were some corporate structure changes to the group required and a requirement to lead a re-brand, bringing the values of each and every person in the business into the conversation.  The 'Lola Tech' brand launch party featured every attendee receiving a 3D printed statue of themselves and a live demonstration of a smart speaker skill demonstrating how a flight could be booked using voice, this was in July 2016 (2 months before Alexa's UK release).  We later helped the transition to a product business by facilitating the hire of a CEO from a prestigious banking position and creating Lola Tech's first product, Dazzle.


Lexa Tech

Champers Advisory helped bring together the branding, initial technical product vision and proposition with the founding team at Lexa Tech which is now the business operating system.  Based on blockchain technology and with natural language processing on the roadmap, Lexa Tech is the smart business operations platform for SME's that allows management time to focus on customers, innovation and growth over, often repetitive, operational tasks. 

Lighthouse london

"In 6 months, we achieved 2 years work" - Dan Gent, CEO, Lighthouse

Our founder Charles Cadbury is still the chairman of the board at Lighthouse London, the digital product agency.  Champers Advisory works in an advisory capacity and over the (ongoing) 3 year engagement has helped craft go to market strategy, supported the day to day running of the business when one of the founders was called away for an extended period, provided frameworks to report on sales, marketing, product development, employee incentive initiatives, organisational structure and growth plans.  Lighthouse is now preparing to bring its own products to market.